Air Tech Screen Products

Air Tech Screen Products is the premier retractable screen company in Orange County, CA and is a family owned and run business. Troy Karakas is the previous Premier installer for the past 6 years and the new owner of Air Tech Screen Products. Being born and raised in Orange County, Ca. We love the fact that Air Tech Retractable Screens help our local customers save on their energy bills by allowing fresh air to flow into their home while keeping airborne pests outside.

Genius Screen Products has been manufacturing custom retractable screens for over 20 years. Their smooth sliding screens fit nearly any doorway or window and disappear in the natural recesses of the frame making them virtually invisible — there when you need it and disappear when you don’t. Genius screens provide quiet, smooth operation allowing you the best of everything – fresh air, great appearance and functional protection. Retractable screens are installed the same day with our mobile workshops traveling to your home or business.

Call us today at 949-238-0515, and we can go over everything you need to know to create that “open air feel” in your home today.

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