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ZigZag1 and ZigZag2 Screens for Large Openings

Genius ZigZag1 and ZigZag2 screens for large openings are the perfect screening solution for today’s ever popular exterior bifold doors, lift-n-slide, accordion, lanai and other exterior large opening panel type doors. The ZigZag large opening screen system features one large viewing panel, with an attractive pleated fabric look, giving uninterrupted outside views. The ZigZag2 screen features two screen panels that open to meet at the center to protect against insects while staying latched using a full-length magnetic seal. Both the ZigZag1 and ZigZag2 large opening screens operate with simple “touch-of-a-finger” operation and can open from either side. Let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out!

ZigZag1 and ZigZag2 Large Opening Screen Uses

Whether you choose the ZigZag1 large viewing panel screen or the ZigZag2 double panel large opening screen, this awesome look is fantastic on large door openings like:

  • Sliding Patio Doors
  • Folding Lanai Doors
  • Garage Doors
  • Wide French Doors
  • Exterior Bifold Doors
  • Lift-n-slide Exterior Doors

While ZigZag screens can be used on single door openings, they are best used for large opening screening solutions. Check out the ZigZag screen features below.

ZigZag1 and ZigZag2
Screen Features

  • ZigZag1 screens feature one (1) large screen panel
  • ZigZag2 screens feature two (2) large screen panels
  • All screens made using elegant and stylish pleated screen fabric
  • ZigZag screens open or close from either end with finger-touch and can be moved and positioned
  • ZigZag2 screens open and meet at the center
  • Custom made to match your opening dimensions
  • Available in five (5) frame colors
  • The ZigZag1 screen fits openings up to 180” (457.2cm) wide x 126” (320cm) tall. (114.6 square feet [10.65m2] maximum combination of width x height)
  • The ZigZag2 screen is available in sizes up to 315” (26.25 feet/800cm) wide x 126” (10.5 feet/320 cm) tall (114.6 square feet [10.65m2] maximum combination of width x height per panel).
  • Pre-assembled for fast and easy installation

  • ZigZag retractable screen on large patio opening overlooking harbor
    ZigZag Retractable Screen on Large Patio Opening Overlooking Harbor

ZigZag1 and ZigZag2 Frame Colors

The perfect screening solution for large, exterior openings where panel doors are used such as wide sliding partition doors, folding lanai doors, garage doors, wide French doors, bifold doors and lift-n-slide doors. The ZigZag1 and ZigZag2 Screen Systems allow for a completely unobstructed view, with no vertical profiles and can be retracted neatly out of the way when not in use.

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